American Landscapes at the SAA

At last week’s Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting Oxbow Books had a poster session for its dynamic new series American Landscapes.American Landscapes

On hand to talk about the series and answer questions were Oxbow Editor Julie Gardiner, series editors Mark Lynott and Peter Topping and author Bob Birmingham.

Peter Topping, Julie Gardiner & Mark Lynott
Peter Topping, Julie Gardiner & Mark Lynott

Bob Birmingham
Bob Birmingham

The new series, aimed at a wide audience, will provide a vehicle for publication for landscape researchers in the United States and Canada. Titles may be single-authored or, occasionally, edited papers on a particular theme of landscape history or archaeology, a region, or related landscape settings across wider areas and timeframes. Wider themes might include the influence of and human relationships with particular landscape features such as woodlands, vegetation zones, river catchments, or with animal species like buffalo and horse; or present discussions on, for instance, rock art, migration, indigenous religious practices, or aspects of state and national parks.  It will will provide an informed overview – from a holistic landscape perspective – of the history and changing land use of particular areas/regions or archaeological/historical themes in North America.

Oxbow had four posters on display; one explaining the overall series, one dedicated to Hopewell Ceremonial Landscapes of Ohio, one dedicated to Effigy Mound Landscapes of the Upper Midwest, and one dedicated to Battlespace! Landscapes, Strategies and Tactics of the 1865 North Platte Campaign.

Hopewell Ceremonial Landscapes of Ohio

Effigy Mound Landscapes of the Upper Midwest Battlespace!

If you are interested in publishing with this new, dynamic series please contact Julie Gardiner for more information.


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